Styling the concrete5 Pagination

If you had used CSS Frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation4 you might have noticed that the default pagination tags most frameworks use are ‘ul’ and ‘li’ tags. But concrete5 by default renders pagination code by ‘span’ tag. Also, concrete5 does not generate ‘a’ tag with href=# attribute for the current pages, so it may become a challenge to produce a neat pagination widget styled with Bootstrap or Foundation. For doing so, open your page_list block template, and find where these codes reside:

<?php  if ($showPagination): ?>
    <div id="pagination">
        <div class="ccm-spacer"></div>
        <div class="ccm-pagination">
            <span class="ccm-page-left"><?php  echo $paginator->getPrevious('« ' . t('Previous')) ?></span>
            <?php  echo $paginator->getPages() ?>
            <span class="ccm-page-right"><?php  echo $paginator->getNext(t('Next') . ' »') ?></span>
<?php  endif; ?>

And replace this chunk of code with this:

<?php  if ($showPagination):?>
    <div id="pagination">
        <div class="pagination">
        <ul class="pagination">
            <li><?php  echo $paginator->getPrevious('« ' . t('Previous'), 'a') ?></li>
            <?php  echo $paginator->getPages('li') ?>
            <li><?php  echo $paginator->getNext(t('Next') . ' »', 'a') ?></li>
<?php  endif; ?>

Now you should be all good with both Bootstrap and Foundation4. The only issue with this code for Foundation4 users is that this does not highlight the current page. To solve this, add this code at line 2 after "if ($showPagination):"



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