Extend Core Statistic System

concrete5 comes with a simple statistic system that can keep track of number of visits in your site. If you enabled statistics (Dashboard>System & settings>Statistics), for every page view, concrete will inserts a record into the pageStatistics table. Looking at this table, you see it contains these fields:

cID: visited page id
uID: default=0, user id, if a logged-in user visit the page

At the Dashbord>Reports>Statistics you only can see number of page views in the last 7 days. In this tutorial, I will show you how other reports, that use the inserted data, can be created for the statistic page.


To add a list that show top 10 most popular pages of your site on the statistic page:

1- Tweaking Model: first we add a method to page statisic model. For this copy /concrete/models/page_statistics.php to /models/page_statistics.php. this will override the main file. Now add this method that run a query, get data we need for our report:

public static function getTotalPageViewsByPage() {
     $db = Loader::db();
     return $db->GetAll("select cID,count(pstID) AS num from PageStatistics GROUP BY cID HAVING num>0 ORDER BY num DESC LIMIT 10");

2- Tweaking Controller: copy /concrete/controllers\dashboard/reports/statistics.php to /controllers\dashboard/reports/statistics.php. this will override the main file. Now add this method that get the required data from the method added in previous step:

public function view() {
        $this->set('totalVersions', PageStatistics::getTotalPageVersions());
        $this->set('totalEditMode', PageStatistics::getTotalPagesCheckedOut());
        $this->set('totalPageViewsByPage', PageStatistics::getTotalPageViewsByPage());

Note: this method copied/pasted from /concrete/core/controllers/single_pages/dashboard/reports/statistics.php, I just added last line.

3- Tweaking Single Page: copy /concrete/single_pages/dashboard/reports/statistics.php to /single_pages/dashboard/reports/statistics.php. this will override the main file. Now add this table at the end of the file, befor script tag, that prints data into the statistic single page:



  $value) { $p = Page::getByID($value['cID']); if(!$p->cIsSystemPage){ ?>

Now go to the statistic, you should see a table listing the top 10 popular pages of your site.


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