Decrease size of your concrete5 install by removing some unnecessary files

concrete5 default installation size, right after install a fresh copy, is about 31MB. Many developers prefer to have a lighter version of projects, for so many reasons. My reason for making every installation lighter is to make commiting the source and also backup/restore files faster.

This list contains files and folders you can remove safely from your project because they are rarely used and only in special cases, but before any action, make sure you won't need them in the future. Also, I just list files that have considerable size, not files that removing does not affect the overall size too much. You can decrease the overall size by about 32% by deleting them:


1- Secureimage (used for captcha) audio files, 72 .mp3 and .wav files with 1MB size. Delete them if you do not have any plans for using sound captcha.
location: /concrete/libraries/3rdparty/securimage/audio/

2- Zend Local data files, there are 476 .xml files with over 8MB size.
General files that are needed are:
en.xml, en_US.xml, en_GB.xml, metazoneInfo.xml, root.xml, supplementalData.xml, telephoneCodeData.xml,Translation.php.
And keep 2 xml files for every language/country you are using, e.g. for French keep fr.xml and fr_FR.xml. Rest of the remove them.
locationt: /concrete/libraries/3rdparty/Zend/Locale/Data/

3- Adodb other than mysql driver files, 53 files with 0.5MB size. Delete them if you do not have plans for connecting to any database other than mysql.
Keep,, ,,
And you can delete the rest of files at this folder.
location : /concrete/libraries/3rdparty/adodb/drivers/

4- Adodb doc files, 11 files, 620KB
Location: /concrete/libraries/3rdparty/adodb/docs/

5- JSON library document files, 23 files, 134KB
Location: /concrete/libraries/3rdparty/JSON/doc/



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