Concrete5 Tokens

Whale Tokens, enables you to create site wide variables and use them on any blocks.

For using Tokens, simply create them at the dashboard, then you can insert them on any blocks and Tokens would be translated to specified values.

Package setting enable you to:
  • Turn on/off token system
  • make token Case-Sensitive/Case-Intensive
  • Use any wrapper around the tokens, default wrappers are: { }
Simple scenarios on Token usage:

- Suppose you want to have USD/Euro convertion rate on many pages of your site, and you want the ability to change the rate every day without going to edit all pages whenever rate changes. With Tokens you can create a token and use it on any page you want.

- SEO Usage: Having a word linked to your related pages all over your website, is a great help to your page ranks and SEO. With Tokens you can replace a word with hyperlinked version of that word. You can see in this page all "Tokens" linked to this add-on page at the Concrete5 Marketplace.

 - Constant to use on your site: you can create a few constants like telephone number, facebook page address,..., These all can be Tokens you create and control via the dashboard.

Magic Data integration:

If you are using Magic Data you can use Tokens as a Magic Data symbol too.