I am a regular Content Block with Parallax Effect

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Concrete5 Parallax Area

Parallax Area is an add-on based on jQuery Parallax plugin, script that simulates the parallax effect.

Features and Options:

  • Height: Area height in px
  • Background Color: Area Background Color
  • Background Repeat: No Repeat, Repeat, Repeat X, Repeat Y
  • Content Position X: Content Position Horizontally (Center, Left, Right)
  • Content Position Y: Content Position vertically (Middle, Top, Bottom)
  • X Position: Horizontal position of the background image in %.
  • Inertia: Speed to move relative to vertical scroll. Example: 0.1 is one tenth the speed of scrolling, 2 is twice the speed of scrolling.
  • Outer Height: Whether or not jQuery should use it's outerHeight option to determine when a section is in the viewport